ASI operates a management model that organizes and supervises work through the eyes of each of its customers. We believe that each area of work/disciplines and each customer/voices, are of equal importance and are completely integrated with one another. Each discipline and voice has separate tasks and indicators for success. The primary function of the management company is making sure all areas operate in good condition.


The following five disciplines are the framework for our management model:

  • financial
  • quality assurance
  • programs
  • community at large
  • employment

To define success of each discipline we take into account the perspective for the following four voices:

• state
• employees
• resident/family members
• owners/management

Utilizing the concept of facility goals and objectives, each of these disciplines has success indicators. Some examples are the following:


  • Monthly controllable per patient day payroll costs are met
  • Controllable quarterly dept. supply costs are within budget guidelines
  • Medicare/Medicaid billing

Quality assurance

  • Conducts monthly QA meetings within ASI guidelines
  • Safety committee meets once a month to address safety-related issues
  • Development of Quality Measures improvements


  • Comprehensive facility-wide strategy regarding the significant end of life issues
  • Conduct at least two family advisory meetings within the calendar year

Community at large discipline

  • Achieve overall facility census goals

  • Establish a citizen advisory council and meet quarterly


  • Achieve turnover rate goals
  • New employees properly assimilated into the facility culture